Learn More About SKIN&CO From Italy

Over 50 Years ago, Giuseppina Balestra started infusing botanical oils with truffles harvested from the family farms in Umbria, Italy. Giuseppina was selling her oils to a variety of celebrities while visiting Rome. Over 60 years later, her nephew Gabriel partnered with Italy's oldest university to unveil the secrets behind the extract used by Giuseppina and discovered that the truffles used in her recipes were, literally, antioxidant powerhouses. 

Today, Giuseppina's recipes are embodied in SKIN&CO and the extracts are still harvested from the family farms in the small town of Montecastrilli, in Umbria. As SKIN&CO continues to develop and grow, they strive for consciously-sourced natural products that conserve the environment and promote sustainability. 

Straight from Umbria, the green heart of Italy, they infuse time-tested botanicals with science in naturally-crafted recipes. Legendary and luxurious ingredients for you to indulge whether on-the-go or at home, giving you an authentic Mediterranean experience that makes you feel and look good.

SKIN&CO provides products free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phtalates, petroleum and paraffins. SKIN& is an Italian apothecary story to be to told, where both ingredients & manufacturing are monitored for integrity and value in a controlled environment, an image that encapsulates the family pride & history.

Rochelle: What are the main ingredient(s) in all your products? How does this help and/or nourish your skin?

SKIN&CO: We pride ourselves in the use of our organic farmed ingredients from Umbria, Italy: truffles, lavender, rosemary, orange, amaro, verbena, etc. It is not only the ingredients themselves that make us stand apart but the formulations that really make for effective products. Our moisturizing lotions contain hyaluronic acid which deliver moisture most effectively.

TRUFFLE: rich in Superoxide Dismutase, an enzyme that catalyzes the dismutation of superoxide into oxygen and it has the fastest turnover number of any known enzyme. It’s one of the strongest antioxidants because of its ability to reduce free radical damage in the skin! 

Rich in texture and ingredients, the Truffle Therapy Collection hydrates, protects, and boosts the skin with potent properties. Peptides work to restore collagen levels and elasticity, while shea butter and Hyluronic acid contribute to moisture and hydration while plumping fine lines and wrinkles. The “Beauty-Truffle” or Tuber melanosporum extract delivers potent and rare SOD Enzyme which boosts the skin with antioxidants. The patented hibiscus extract minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, provides instant tightness, and brings back glow and radiance. When used in conjunction with the Truffle Therapy Serum, it enhances results and becomes a perfect blend for healthy, youthful-looking skin. 

Rochelle: Where are the ingredients derived from?

SKIN&CO: Our farms and lab in Montecastrilli.

Rochelle: What differentiates SKIN&CO from all other natural skincare products?

SKIN&CO: We are celebrating the vibrance of the Mediterranean. Our colors, smells, and traditions become an elixir of beauty, well-being, and lifestyle. Our main ingredients come from our own farms and the entire supply chain is strictly controlled. Free of parabens, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oils and petroleum.

Rochelle: What is the goal of SKIN&CO Roma?

SKIN&CO: At SKIN&CO skincare is not a business but a mission. We continue to evolve, selecting the finest ingredients, sourcing the most exclusive active ingredients, combined with ingenious deliver systems and natural recipes. We make our women feel their best, delivering innovative Italian products globally at an accessible price.

Rochelle: What is the driving force behind the company?

SKIN&CO: Authenticity: Before we can transmit our customer the passion for a product or ingredient we need to make sure we are passionate about it is as well. Every single product we make needs to have a story and a natural formula containing, among other ingredients, a concentration of essential oils, organic when possible. Our products contain tradition, nature and innovation and they are tested to be safe and effective.

Experience: Every SKIN&CO product tells a story. We ensure every product follows a sensorial experience that brings our customers back to our roots. We select the finest fragrances from the master perfumers in Grasse and our textures are designed to embody our philosophy of natural luxury. While we try to always use natural and organic ingredients we do use other safe ingredients that have shown results.

Respect: At SKIN&CO we are committed to social responsibility. None of our products are tested on animals, only on humans. We strive to limit the environmental impact of our products and we force ourselves to stay sustainable and limit the CO2 emissions in the transport of our products.

Rochelle: Why is it important to have a skincare regimen?

SKIN&CO: Dr. Oz said it best. Proper skin care helps to keep our outermost surface layer of skin intact. This layer maintains skin's overall hydration and serves as our primary defense against the environment, so keeping it strong and healthy is critical. Harsh cleansers, for example, can damage the outer layer by stripping essential lipids and moisture. Using a proper skin care regimen daily can help preserve this important protective layer.

Rochelle: What do you believe is the single most valuable product one can use daily, and why?

Truffle Therapy serum. Every woman over 30 should have this in her beauty regime. When Guiseppina Balestra made these formulations early in the century she had no ideas the antioxidant powerhouses she was using. The enzyme extracted from this truffle, known as Superoxide Dismutase, is a powerful antioxidant that reduces free radical damage to skin. Combined with muscle-relaxing hibiscus extract, this blend helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles while moisturizing.

Rochelle: What is the typical day in the life of the founder's nephew?

SKIN&CO: Gabe eats, breathes, and drinks the brand. He is either in the NY office working with every aspect of the brand or travelling the world maintaining our global positioning and spreading the word of organic, sustainable Italian beauty.

Rochelle: What are the best regions/places in Italy to find the natural ingredients?

SKIN&CO: Our town in Umbria, Montecastrilli!