A midwest girl (Michigan) to the big city of Los Angeles some years ago on a mission to create a better lifestyle and to build an empire, career. I grew up in a blue collar town with an amazing, mother, father and two brothers. I knew at an early stage that there had to be more to life outside of the boundaries I was in. I started dancing at age five training in ballet, jazz, lyrical and hip hop. Soon after I was traveling for competitions where I was taught self discipline, ambition and responsibility. Fast forward to graduating from the University of Michigan, and here I was leaving everything I had known to live my dream in LA.

 After nearly 8 years of working in PR and Media in LA, I have decided it is time to live a life truest to myself and go after a passion of mine. This passion, of course, is skincare. Since I can remember I have nearly obsessed over products, brands, formulas, ingredients, how to make my skin glow, how to make my skin not age (fierce, I realize). I started to research a lot, I mean, TONS. I was fascinated, I was hooked! Some may say, "Why don't you go back to school and become an esthetician". This was a thought, but it wasn't enough for me. I want to do more for people, I want to discover, I want to share my experiences with skincare. For me skincare is nourished from within and also what is applied to the skin. Drinking 64 oz of water, exercising, eating organic healthy foods. But more so, I truly enjoy products! I have tried countless of brands, organic and natural to chemically induced products. I have had plenty of facials, peels, lasers, etc. I love to share my experiences with family and friends, advising them on what to do/buy, what works, what is new on the market, etc.

My other passion in life is traveling! I have been fascinated with different cultures, lifestyles, architecture, people and social interactions around the world since an early age. I have been blessed to have visited numerous countries and regions, including Mexico, Greece, London, Portugal, Spain, Hawaii, Canada, etc. Combining my passions of skincare and travel is what brought me to the idea of Pearlesque, "Discovering Natural Beauty Around The World"!

And here I am today working to bring this knowledge to the rest of the world. I am excited for this new chapter and hope to fulfill your journey with as much education as possible through the discovery around the world!

Rochelle Truxal

Founder, CEO, Life Enthusiast