Let's Talk 'Organic Skincare'!

Why use organic skincare? This is a question I am sure you have asked yourself, but cannot seem to find the 'right' answer. Is it because it's what everyone is doing? Is it the trend? Is it better for us? What is it?

One of the reason's I started Pearlesque Box is because I too, have pondered over natural and organic products compared to the chemically induced products. I have tried numerous products ranging all price levels from Olay Regenerist to Dr. Dennis Gross, on the chemical side of products. In recent  years I started researching natural and organic ingredients and trying products such as derma e (LOVE them!). Do I have the answer to which type of products work best? No. Do I have experience with both and have my preferences? Yes. Which is what Pearlesque Box will bring to your doorstep, natural and organic skincare products!

How do you know if you are using organic skincare? Please use this as a guideline (USD certified):

  • The product has been verified organic by a third party approved by the USD National Organic Program   
  • The product is made of 95%or more organic ingredients. 
  • The organic ingredients in our products are grown and processed using only organic farming methods that recycle resources and promote biodiversity and the crops grown without synthetic pesticides, bio-engineered genes, petroleum-based fertilizers or sewage sludge-based fertilizers.  

And finally, WHY should we use certified organic skincare products?

They only include ingredients that will nourish your skin and body.  Your skin is highly permeable and allows everything you apply onto it access to your bloodstream and the rest of your body. Therefore it's important to only put high quality organic creams on your delicate skin. Very few products are actually certified organic. They claim to be organic or natural, but actually contain chemicals and/or synthetic ingredients that can produce adverse reactions on your skin or even in your body.  It is important to read product labels and understand what you are getting with your purchase. If the ingredients are hard to pronounce chances are they're hard on your body. 

The bottom line: organic means safe and clean!

~Rochelle Truxal