Women We Admire: Bridjet Post

At Pearlesque Box we believe in empowering women around the world who are fierce, passionate, dedicated and just all around good human beings. For our first post on our new "Women We Admire" series, we have chosen a woman who embodies all of the above and more. She is a loving mommy and wife, health aficionado and blogger who is dedicated to changing the world for the better. Her name is Bridjet Post.

She created BridjetPosts as a conversation starter. An open dialogue about how to embrace our changing roles and bodies as women, how to balance motherhood with making time for ourselves, how to celebrate and express our personal styles, how to have fun.

She wanted to create this platform so all can feel inspired and learn and share. Let’s spread the truth about motherhood: the amazing parts, the difficult parts, how to make time for exercise and share workout videos, how to maximize our wardrobes so we don’t lose our self-expression in the hectic day-to-day, play date ideas, how to make time for your husband.

Watch this video to learn more about why she started her organic lifestyle and more...

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