Behind The Brand: Founder, Anca Grigoras With Metta Skincare From Melbourne, Australia

Metta Skincare was created to help people make healthy decisions about their skincare routine. Founder, Anca Grigoras has created a truly unique brand. In her previous occupational health and safety career, while researching ways to reduce chemical exposure at work, she was very concerned to learn that most people get exposed to many more chemicals in their home than in the workplace. Skincare and personal hygiene products are one of the main reason why people use on average 100 chemicals on their skin daily. She then started researching and experimenting with formulating 100% natural and effective skincare, with a particular focus on those ingredients that have a long history of being used to nourish and condition the skin.

We had the chance to chat with Anca about her journey, inspiration and story behind the brand.

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What is your personal mission?

My personal mission is to inspire women to nurture their authentic beauty. 

Metta means “good will” - how did you come up with the name and what is the importance of “good will”?

Metta, meaning "good will" or "loving-kindness", is an ancient style of meditation that encourages compassion with yourself and the world around you. Regular practice fosters a sense of belonging, of pure connection with other living beings, and a compassionate understanding of the interconnected world. I believe that practicing kindness towards ourselves helps us be and do our best, and in doing so we have a positive impact in the lives of all other people we interact with.

Can you tell us about your Impact, why and how this came about, and how you chose the organization?

During my previous occupational health and safety career, I often witnessed the detrimental environmental consequences of many human activities. And while it may be easy to attribute this to unscrupulous corporate practices, I believe the real opportunity for change lies in both consumers and businesses understanding the power they have in shaping the world we live in. The global economy means that even small decisions we make on a daily basis can have a huge impact on the life of many other people, and there is such wonderful potential to use use this for good. So when I decided to launch Metta Skincare, my vision was to create a business that focuses on doing good for all those involved with it: customers, suppliers, and the communities we source ingredients from. We do this by creating pure, safe and effective natural products, by responsibly sourcing ingredients and supporting sustainable agriculture, and by giving back to the communities we work with. Sadly, extreme poverty is still an ongoing issue in many areas we source ingredients from, so we are focusing on sharing profits with organisations working to end this.  

What can you tell us about the history of the regions you source the ingredients?

In many of the regions we source ingredients from, people have been leading an active outdoor lifestyle, often in harsh environmental conditions, for centuries or even millennia. During this time, they have developed a deep knowledge of the plants in their surroundings and their beneficial properties in nourishing and conditioning the skin. It is fascinating to see contemporary science validating the amazing properties of these plant-based ingredients and I am so excited to use them in the Metta Skincare range.

Is there one main ingredient you use for your products? If so, what are the benefits of this ingredient and why did you choose this as your main ingredient?

While certain ingredients feature in several of our products, my approach to formulating is to craft unique combinations of cold-presssed vegetable oils, butters and botanical extracts chosen for their nutrient profile, active properties and capacity to blend synergistically to achieve the desired effect and sensory experience of the finished product.

From your product line, what is the single most important product, and why?

I believe that the most important product is the one you love and use regularly, as consistency is key to an effective skincare routine. All products in the Metta Skincare line are multi-functional, and were designed to be integrated in someone's existing self-care ritual with maximum ease and efficiency. I encourage all our customers to experiment with different ways to use them.

Why do you think “natural” and “organic” products are important (over chemical products)?

We are natural beings and our bodies were designed to thrive on pure, wholesome and nourishing ingredients, whether they are ingested or applied topically. As skin is our largest organ, every product we apply to it will either be absorbed into the body, or rinsed off and make its way back into the environment. Using a lot of chemical products simply increases our chemical burden and causes much unnecessary stress as the body works harder to process these ingredients.

What is your favorite travel destination and why?

I love Paris for its timeless beauty and elegance.