14 Tips for a Glowing Body and Radiant Skin

We all want that perfect skin and glowing body, no matter what age we are. It helps us feel youthful and alive, to see radiant skin and know that we are putting forth our best self. How do we get there? Well, it is a combination of proper hydration, plenty of rest and utilizing all the best natural foods and supplements available to stay at the optimal level of health and beauty

As we go through our comprehensive list of 14 tips for a glowing body and radiant skin, you may be surprised at some of the recommendations. Sweet potato for skin care? Yes, careful application and ingestion of sweet potato for skin care is essential to natural body care. As you will see, the vitamins and elements in sweet potatoes can smooth out wrinkles and wash that oil away.

Along with other foods and vitamins, sweet potatoes can be on the front lines, fighting against wrinkles, blemishes, inflammation and other ills that plague your skin and increase the aging process. Many of these include antioxidant properties, which battle free radicals, those evil entities that are the bane of our healthy existence. 

How do you get that radiant, glowing body you so desire? Read on.

Mashed Potato for Skin Sweetness

Boil a few sweet potatoes and mash them. Add a few teaspoons of honey, mix and apply to your face for 15-20 minutes. (You can even add some ginger powder for an invigorating and circulation-boosting kick.) Rinse off and dry gently with a washcloth. Your face will feel smooth and succulent right away! Sweet potato for skin care is such a powerful option that you will wish you started these colorful masks years ago. 

The beta carotene in the sweet potato is said to promote pH balance and boost skin cell turnover. And the orange do-it-alls have vitamin C, which helps fight against signs of aging and dryness. 

Don’t Throw That Water Away

Let the leftover broth from the boiled sweet potatoes cool and place it in a spritzer bottle. Keep it in the fridge and used to cool down and tone your soon to be glowing body.

Add Some Tomatoes to Your Diet

Besides their deliciousness, tomatoes can have a real positive effect on blemish reduction. The chemical that gives tomatoes their deep red hue, lycopene, may lower an acne-promoting hormone. So add them to your salads, sandwiches, soups and stews with no reservations. 

Go Green-When It Comes To Tea

Green tea is another pimple popper. Drinking it on the regular has been shown to reduce levels of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which contributes to acne production. 

Seafood, Then Eat It

Studies have shown that people who eat diets rich in fish and seafood have less skin wrinkling than others. The omega-3 fatty acids are thought to be the positive actor in this situation. Wrinkling is a direct result of inflammation, which is combated by plenty of omega-3 ingestion.

Daily Moisturizing is Key

To combat dry skin, make sure you are moisturizing every day after a shower, especially during the super-dry winter months. Doing right after the shower helps to seal in all that water your body just absorbed. 

Breathe Deep and Regenerate

The anxiety reduction benefits of breathing exercises are well-documented, but filling your body with oxygen can also go a long way towards achieving that glowing body. The circulation benefits can have a real positive effect on cellular regeneration, which promotes beautiful, healthy skin. 

Avoid Cigarettes Everywhere

You don’t want to be a smoker for all sorts of health reasons, but the damage you are doing to your skin is sometimes an afterthought. Even being around secondhand smoke can promote skin sagging and speed up the aging process.

Chill Your Peppers

While cold cucumbers may be the most common remedy for big bags around the eyes, any kind of cold compress can restrict blood vessels, which will reduce swelling and puffiness. 

Get to Sleep

Skimping on sleep will make inflammation, stress and all sorts of other radiant skin enemies much more prominent. And not getting enough sleep may even make existing skin problems, such as persistent acne or contact dermatitis harder to beat. Plus, it will accelerate the aging process, which is the skin enemy No. 1. 

Get Some More Sun (or take Vitamin D)

What? More sun? Yes it seems counterintuitive, but more sunlight will promote natural production of vitamin D, which helps prevent breakouts. Now, you want to utilize the sun in moderation and, during the winter months especially, take some vitamin D supplements to keep up your levels. And as always, wear sunscreen if you choose to be in the sun!

Hit Your Skin With the Coconut

Dip into some virgin coconut oil and use it to treat damaged or irritated skin. The antioxidant properties in coconut oil are great for promoting radiant skin and application all over can help even out your skin tone, moving towards a glowing body. 

“C” Your Way To Healthy Skin

There is a lot that vitamin C can do to boost your complexion, fight against age spots and sun damage or just generally brighten up the look of your skin. Getting plenty of vitamin C can also be a boon to healthy collagen production, which leads to firmer skin. 

Ascorbic acid, a form of vitamin C, has stellar antioxidant properties. Again, helping to beat back the advance of those pesky free radicals. 

There is some research that shows that combined ingestion of vitamin C and vitamin E can increase the ability of skin to protect itself from sun damage. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you should to forgo sunscreen, but taking those two supplements might help the cause.

Be Judicious in Your Use of Radiance-Enhancing Makeup

If you want to use makeup products that boost your radiant skin, make sure you take into account your skin type and application procedures. That healthy, dewy finish doesn’t happen by accident. Research your products to make sure they are as healthy and natural as possible. 

With all these tips, you should be well on your way to a glowing body and radiant skin. Sweet potato for skin care may be an unusual method to beautiful, younger-looking skin, but it may just make be the healthy step you need to turn back time.

~Rochelle Langere, Founder of Pearlesque Box