Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to change up your skincare regimen! 

Out go the thick body butters and heavy makeup. In come the facial mists, BB creams, and body scrubs. Now that we don’t have to worry about the cold wind drying out our skin, we have to protect ourselves from the burning hot sun and the oily skin that comes with it.

The good thing about summer skincare is that it’s simpler than winter skincare. Here’s how to change up your routine so you can let your skin enjoy the summer weather.

Switch to a Lighter Face Wash

If you’re using a thick facial wash, switch to a lighter one immediately. As cleansing your skin is the first step in your regimen, you want it to be refreshing and not also used as a moisturizer. Just let it clean out your pores and move on to your toner.

Try this cleanser: Fresh Facial Cleanser (Canada box); Ocean Cleanser (Malibu box), Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Facial Wash (Africa box)

Use Toners and Facial Mists

After cleansing your skin, it’s important to tone your skin to restore it’s pH balance. But facial mists are also nice to rehydrate your face throughout the day so keep one handy in your purse for a nice refresher.

Try this toner: Rose Water Ester-C Collagen Regeneration Facial Mist (Africa box); Facial Toner (Hawaii box)

Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer

If you’re using a heavy moisturizer, switch to a lighter one, preferably with SPF. Apply as needed throughout the day.

Try this moisturizer: Atmosphere Protection Cream (Malibu box); Face & Eye Cream (Hawaii box)

SPF...and a Lot of It!

If you’re outside often, apply SPF all over and every two hours. Make sure to use a natural sunscreen as most of the sunscreens on the market include dozens of harmful chemicals. To protect your skin even further, try to cover up as much as possible with breathable fabrics and big accessories.

Try this SPF: Promise Organic SPF30 Coconut Suncreen Lotion

Exfoliate Twice a Week

Your skin is more prone to flaking from the excess heat. Keep your skin free of flaky dead skin by exfoliating all over twice a week. Don’t forget your lips, too!

Try this scrub: Truffle Therapy Body Gommage (Italy box), Brazilian Glow Rejuvenating Salt Scrub & Clay Masque (Brazil box)

Take Cooler Showers

While hot showers feel nice year-round, taking cooler showers after sweating will help prevent breakouts. It will also help keep your skin from drying out even more due to excess heat. After the shower, make sure to moisturize with a body oil and a body lotion.

Try this oil/lotion: Ocean Lotion (Malibu box); Brazilian Glow Radiance & Renewal Oil (Brazil box)

Simplify Your Makeup

There’s no use in applying a lot of makeup if you’re going to sweat it off. Keep it simple by switching from foundation to BB cream and avoid using the entire contour and eyeshadow palette. The more you let your skin breathe, the better.

Try this BB cream: Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

Treat Skin from the Inside Out

Higher temperatures lead to internal dehydration. Fruits high in antioxidants (such as pomegranates and berries) will fight free radicals that help regulate skin’s blood flow, giving you the naturally rosy glow. Foods with omega-3s (such as walnuts and salmon) will help improve skin’s elasticity. Foods high in zinc (such as kidney beans) will help kill blemish-causing bacteria. And to prevent those dreaded sunspots, add soy into your diet by eating soybeans or adding soy milk to your latte.

Summer is the time to relax and recharge. As long as you enjoy plenty of summer’s beautiful fruits and vegetables, switch to lighter cleansers and makeup, and protect yourself from the harsh temperatures, you’re ready to enjoy a safe summer 2016!

~Brianne Nemiroff