How My Life Changed When I Switched to Natural and Organic Skincare

If you follow beauty bloggers or read beauty news, you are very much aware of the non-toxic, vegan, and natural beauty movement. But if you look closely, you never hear much about the before and after. All you hear is that it’s “better” or “safer”, but why? Sure getting rid of all of the nasty chemicals is the biggest plus, but what are the other benefits? Getting rid of chemicals is definitely the biggest benefit, and is the best reason for the switch, but it’s also the other reasons that keep me on the natural skincare bandwagon.

I’m Getting What I Pay For

A lot of the products don’t work, or just work for a short period of time. For instance, a lot of moisturizers contain drying agents. Doesn't that seem counterintuitive? It may moisturizer for an hour but then you have to keep reapplying. It's a vicious cycle. Natural beauty brands will actually do what they say they will do because they're nothing else in the way of making the products work. You'll use less product overall and won't have to keep jumping from brand to brand to find what works best for you.

My Skin Feels and Looks a Lot Better

My skin is smoother, softer, tighter, and rarely breaks out. It's also less susceptible to reactions from stress, PMS, or rosacea overall.

I’m Spending Less

….on some things. Certain items like face wash can be on the cheaper side. The one I use is under $20 and lasts a few months. Toner, essence, body wash, and body lotion can also be relatively affordable. However, you might have to invest in a good eye cream, day cream, and night cream - depending on the brand. But with the average high-performance luxury or spa brand, you’re still bound to spend more or around the same price as a natural product.

Everything is Automatically More Travel-Friendly

When there are less preservatives in it, it generally won’t last as long. Therefore, there will only be enough in the package to last before it expires. Sure there are still preservatives in it, but it might only last 6 months versus 12 months. Most of my products are under 4 oz and the TSA limit is 3.4oz.

Everything Smells Better

When the products use naturally-derived ingredients such as fruit extracts, leaves, and clay, it’s only going to smell like that. A lot of popular products include a fragrance to cover up bad smells due to some of the chemicals used. No one needs to smell that. You will start to love the way your products smell.

It’s Easier to Find Vegan Products

A lot of the ingredients used in common brands are not common knowledge, but it doesn’t mean it’s made in a factory. A lot of them come from animals. You might have seen lecithin or lactic acid before in your beauty products. Those are definitely ingredients derived from animals. Natural brands usually avoid vegan ingredients, but some use ingredients like royal jelly (derived from bees) so always check out your ingredients before you purchase. Here’s a full list of animal ingredients.

Have you made the switch to natural skincare? Are you also switching to natural makeup brands? Why or why not? Let us know!

~Brianne Nemiroff