Blog Contributor: Lana Coyne

Can you believe we're already at the end of July?! I for one am at a loss for words at how fast the time is flying by and how little I've gotten done on my #SummerBucketList!

One of the best things about Summer is vacation. Whether you're taking a road trip to attend a music festival or flying somewhere new, traveling is always an exciting experience. But before you throw on a bikini, find the perfect spot by the pool and lounge, you actually have to prepare for your trip.

Trying to figure out what to pack can be a chore but I've put a list together of 10 of my must-have picks to bring with you on a trip (Note: the items are hyperlinked for easier shopping!):


  1. Wellness Fizz
    Taking Wellness Fizz before you travel will help you ward off the germs you're exposed to in tight spaces without proper circulation like an airplane or train.Tip: Taking one of these the morning after one too many cocktails will help you feeling better in not time!
  2. Visine Red Eyes Eye Drops
    If you're flying or wear contacts, having this handy will not only keep your eyes moisturized, but will prevent you from looking like you just pulled an all nighter.
  3. Ear Plugs
    Between noisy hotel mates or the guy snoring away in the seat next to you on the train, a set of earplugs will help cut out the noise and let you get a good night's sleep (or nap!). You can even use ear plugs to transform your ordinary earbuds into an awesome set of soundproof earbuds - tutorial here (via diycraftti.me).
  4. Melatonin
    If you have trouble sleeping, especially on a long flight, melatonin will help lull you into a restful sleep where you won't wake up groggy. Pick this baby up at any pharmacy. And if you prefer a more natural method to help you sleep, pack some chamomile tea.
  5. Deluxe Teadora Discovery - Travel Size Essentials Kit | Teadora Beauty 
    This kit provides the luxuries of a 5 star resort even if you're just heading to the family reunion - don't leave home without it!
  6. Eye Mask
    A great eye mask will help shut out the light and help you catch some Z's so you don't look like a raccoon upon arrival. A contoured mask like the one in the link is hands down THE BEST.
  7. Adult Colouring Book & Coloured Pencils
    Who said colouring is for kids? I don't know if you've been living under a rock but Adult Colouring Books are all the rage. They are great to pass the time & relieve stress. And who doesn't miss the days when all you had to worry about was what picture to colour?
  8. iPad
    Pass the time by playing some games, listening to music, watching movies or even reading a good book. The iPad will help keep you entertained until you arrive at your final destination.
  9. Burts Bee Lip Balm
    Nobody likes chapped lips. If you're traveling to a hot destination or just want to keep your lips looking kissable, this lip balm smells great, doesn't feel sticky or greasy and it's 100% natural to boot!
  10. Portable Wireless Speaker
    Looking to kill some time in the hotel room before a night out on the town in your destination? Wirelessly connect your smartphone to this speaker & get the party started! It's no fun getting ready for a night out dancing in silence.


If you need some help keeping track of what you need to pack versus what you have actually packed, download this insanely cute (& FREE!) Printable Trip Packing List via Hello Cuteness.

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What are your travel essentials? Share in the comments below!

Happy trails!

~Lana Coyne