Behind The Brand: Founder, Valeria Cole With Teadora Beauty From Brazil

Teadora Beauty strikes again! We were honored to feature Teadora Beauty in our December 2015 box and since then, Valeria has been working vigorously to launch new products, redesign the packaging and partner with a few investors to bring this amazing brand to a larger market. 

Since the first box I have formed a friendship with Valeria and proud to be working alongside her again for our March 2017 box. She is an extraordinary woman with passion and tenacity to take Teadora Beauty to the next level. 

Here she is in her own words, Valeria....

What is the history of Teadora?

The desire to created Teadora goes back to my childhood. My mother instilled in me a passion for the Amazon rainforest, its bounty and its conservation. My husband Tom and I shared a desire to share the bounty of the Amazon while helping to protect it and decided to create Teadora to introduce these amazing rainforest supergruit ingredients to the US consumer.

Please tell me about your conservation efforts and exactly how it works, what you do, etc.?

I would like to give my readers an opportunity to donate through your website. We are focused on both social and environmental responsibility. Working with women-led harvesting communities in the Amazon, we can support economically viable local economies so the forest is worth more standing than cut.  1% of sales is dedicated to rainforest conservation efforts. A movement we call Earth for you. You for earth. Our mission is to replant 1 million trees and preserve 75k acres in the next 5 years. We are still too small to make a huge impact, but we also fund raise above and beyond product sales so that we can start to make an immediate impact. Last year for instance our fund raising efforts lead us to work on a project with Wild Foundation, University of Purdue and the Kayapo Tribe and we were able to open the first ever audio-visual lab in Kayapo land which is meant to preserve elderly traditions, as well as teach the trade of film making to the local groups.

What are the main ingredients in all products (list them and their benefits to the skin/body)?

We bring innovation to our superfruit formulations by combining them into proprietary elixirs. By doing that they become more effective as we get the benefits of multiple different antioxidants, vitamins and oleic and fatty acids. It’s like a “multi-vitamin” approach if you will. We have 3 Elixir combinations: RainforestYouth Elixir, used in our water based fomulas, RainforestHydration Elixir, used in our oil based formulas and RainforestRestoration Elixir, used in our emulsions. We also use lots of other naturally derived active ingredients which are included in our active ingredient formulations. The primary focus of our products is to help combat the 5 primary causes of skin aging: oxidation, lack of hydration, slow down of cellular repair and slow down of cellular energy (skin cells that is).

What makes Teadora skin care products the best of it’s kind in Brazil?

Our approach to ingredient innovation through elixir formulations + the high number of active ingredients we use in our formulas. We focus bringing you the best of the Amazon rainforest. We are the only brand that truly combines generous numbers of effective and active ingredients together in a single formulation. We focus on bringing ancient Brazilian beauty secrets to the US consumer.

How does Teadora differentiate itself from all other natural and organic skincare products?

Our ingredients are truly unique and our formulations very complex and full of amazingly potent ingredients. We focus on exotic, differentiated and effective naturals. We are constantly looking for the newest and best natural ingredients to make the products extremely effective. We also believe that products should be multi-functional, so that you don’thave to use a multitude of products in your daily regimen. People lead very busy lives and the idea is to be able to create products that take have multiple benefits to your skin in order to simplify your beauty routine.  

Who do you think is the leader in natural and organic skincare products (country, brand, etc)?

There are quite a few natural brands I like. I tend to gravitate towards lines that have unique ingredients, and that offer a luxurious and exclusive experience. I think one of my favorites at the moment is Tata Harper in the US. Tata is committed to Made in USA and as focused as we are in putting together strong and effective formulations.

What do you think is the future of skincare? 

More and more naturals, customization, and a combination of services and content. I think brands that can connect with their consumers in multiple levels from products, to services, to content and social and environmental impact are the ones that consumers not only just gravitate to, but also stick to and become advocates of.

What do you believe is the single most valuable product one can use daily, and why?

I love the anti-aging, anti-pollution facial mist. It protects against free-radical damage, ultra-hydrates, helps to reduce line lines, gives you amazing glow and helps to set and revive make up. It has 12 active ingredients. So a little power house, age-defying product for all day use.

What is your favorite travel destination and why?

Oh gosh, so many, hard to pick one, but I am going to go for one of my favorite rainforest spas: Tabacon in Costa Rica. Hot Springs with one of the best spas in the world and amazing things for the rainforest lover to see and do all around. Zip-lining, waterfalls, volcano, simply incredible. Recommend the couple’s massage in couple’s bungalow followed by open air hot tube soak.

~Rochelle Truxal, Pearlesque Box Founder