Discover ORGANIC, NON-Toxic and natural BEAUTY from around the world!

Say goodbye to sample size portions that do nothing for your skincare regimen.


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Each month we will deliver a different skincare brand from one region of the world with Skincare and Bath & Body products . By introducing full-size products and additional travel size products it will allow you ample time to determine the accurate effectiveness for each product. Our blog will give you education on the ingredients and the makers of each brand so that you can learn about the importance of all natural ingredients and how it affects your skin. As the founder, I take great measures to ensure that each product in the box is of the highest quality, safe and harmless. I do so by testing all products on my own skin. Given that each country has their own standards of certification, it is important to build the relationship with each brand to ensure the very best and trust is given to all of you!

Developed out of necessity, I founded Pearlesque Box to break through the heavily saturated market of harsh chemicals and introduce all natural and non-toxic skincare lines. As someone that suffers from psoriasis, I was unable to use most skincare products sold in America because of the harmful ingredients. Since then, my travels opened my eyes to new and ancient natural ingredients used every day around the world. As a result, Pearlesque Box was created to share my findings with others in search of all natural products. ~Rochelle Truxal, CEO/Founder

WHY should you use all-natural, ORganic and non-toxic skincare products?

They only include ingredients that will nourish your skin and body.  Your skin is highly permeable and allows everything you apply onto it access to your bloodstream and the rest of your body. Therefore it's important to only put high quality organic creams on your delicate skin. Very few products are actually certified organic. They claim to be organic or natural, but actually contain chemicals and/or synthetic ingredients that can produce adverse reactions on your skin or even in your body.  It is important to read product labels and understand what you are getting with your purchase. If the ingredients are hard to pronounce chances are they're hard on your body. 

The bottom line: organic means safe and pure! 

Pearlesque Box is $39.95 a month, including free shipping to the US. The combination of full and travel size products delivered each month are valued at way more than $39 – from $90 to over $140 – and are the very same sizes that you would not discover otherwise and would pay much more if you order on your own. You will receive products from one brand each month so that you can effectively utilize the products that work together. In our box you’ll find full-size products from all natural skincare brands around the world, including OSEA Malibu, Teadora Beauty from Brazil, Shea Terra Organics from Africa and SKIN&CO Roma from Italy.