July 2018 - "Let Your Beauty Bloom In Morocco"

Sahara Rose was inspired by beauty rituals from two places; the first is my dear grandmother – Rahma— a truly remarkable graceful woman. She played a significant role in teaching me about the art of beauty and self care, the ancient secret concoctions, and the importance of using only the most precious ingredients, picked freshly from the source.  She also taught me the importance to gracefully pause for sacred rituals to celebrate your True beauty.  Self love is being and loving yourself simply, Self care is taking care of yourself, and self respect is knowing your self worth, while generously sharing and giving back with sincerity and gratitude.

The second inspiration was my moroccan heritage and the bounty of the Sahara Desert.  From fresh pressed oils, to exotic clays and aromatic scents of saffron, rose, and orange blossom.  The abundance of natural ingredients in the environment I grew up in had a huge effect on the products I would go on to create.

From Florida where I live, my goal became to share this wealth of beauty, grace and self love. The resilient rose that grows at the gates of the Sahara Desert, inspired me to name the brand SAHARA ROSE.  Just as the Rose emerges and blossoms from the desert, despite the rough climate, it also represents purity, strength, grace, light, love and compassion towards body and soul. The Rose may appear fragile on the surface, but it is flexible and strong, securely anchored under the surface of the earth.

Our brand celebrates the Sahara Rose in each of us- our ability to bloom despite hardships, find courage at times of challenge, to achieve our ambitions without compromising our values, and to find happiness and joy in simply being authentically our true selves.

My grandmother is the most generous woman I’ve ever known- and I hope to make her proud with a brand that celebrates her true art of graceful beauty.

Experience our unique beauty and skin luxuries, made with the most opulent and Age-Defying ingredients.  Embark in the extraordinary voyage to a glamorous skin.

Total Retail Value: $123

June 2018 - "Let Your Inner Glow Shine Out In The City of Angels"

Organic to Green, is an innovative health and beauty lifestyle company founded in Los Angeles, CA. In 2009 we launched our first collection into L.A.'s beloved retailer, Fred Segal, from our home-built lab. Since then we've had various themed conscious lifestyle pop-up stores from Venice to Costa Mesa. Today you can find us in Santa Monica at our private eco-chic Bungalow and Spa on Main St. to shop our artisan boutique, where we also handcraft our luxury artisan skincare, and where you can experience our spa treatments featuring Organic to Green's award winning and editor favorite coconut oil and non-toxic products, infrared sauna and steam room. By appointment only, and catering to celebrities and discerning clients, it is considered one of the best exclusive holistic beauty treatments in Los Angeles.

Organic to Green's original collection of handcrafted organic formulas were packaged in donated wine and beer bottles through our very own community based program, ReUseGlassBottles. Our trademark ReUseCycle helps us spread awareness of conscious packaging and inspire others to do the same in their communities.  Organic to Green also produces refillable amenities for hotels in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.



As a healthy lifestyle brand which started with artisanal, handcrafted organic products made from our kitchen, we promise to create products which are clean, simple and smart for everyone. Here is our growing list of ingredients we promise to never use in our products.


Other ingredients we promise never to use: 1,4 - dioxane; alkylphenols; benzene; bronopol; ceteareth 20; chlorinated or brominated solvents; chlorine processing; DMDM hydantoin; formaldehyde carriers; hexavalent chromium; MEA (Monoethanolamine); mineral oil

organohalides; organophosphate pesticides; phosphates; PVC; quaternium 15; resorcinol; SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates); sulfur oxides; TEA (Triethanolamine); triclosan… the list is always growing.

 Kosher - Vegan - Natural - Fair Trade - Therapeutic Grade - Made in the USA

May 2018 - "Find the Beauty of Coastal Vancouver"

Founder, Alicia, spent 10 years researching, designing and planning Delia Organics and their ingredients so she can help you achieve amazing healthy skin without changing how beautiful you already are. With 10+ years in the skincare industry, she is a Licensed Aesthetician and is the Founder and Editor of The Beauty Geek where she has focused on bringing and discussing treatments, skincare and wellness all in one place. She believes in the ease of a routine as well as results which made the most sense when Delia Organics was born. 

Founded in 2016 Delia Organics was created to not only to enhance your natural beauty but also to get your skin to the highest form of health it can be. Formulated with all the correct ingredients, you can be sure you will see results within your first time experiencing Delia Organics. 

They care about the health and wellness of every individual and they created Delia Organics to help with all different skin concerns. With the latest technology and advancements in the skincare industry, they have made a simple,yet effective brand. With natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients, they know you won’t be disappointed.

April 2018 - "A Holistic Approach To Beauty"

How I began making products is very personal and comes from a time in my life filled with angst and despair. This is my story.

Riddled with eating disorders having spent some years living in Paris, my love for food and beauty came quite naturally. While pursuing work in packaged goods marketing as a young woman helped pay my bills and my part-time work as a pastry chef fed my unhealthy 'indulge then starve' food habit. I found myself in absolute burn out having fainted one day, and an ensuing trip to the hospital resulted in me being put in the mental health ward for a couple of weeks to get my health back.

Forced to consume of what I would call a diet of ‘fake food’ to put some pounds on me (think milkshakes from a tin, overcooked pork chops with reconstituted gravy and cherry pie filling served over jello with cool whip) I didn’t really receive much nourishment for my body or my state of mind BUT when I finally got let out I was determined never to be in lockdown again. 

I was determined to get better and create a new me so I took my power suits to the consignment store. Cut my hair super short. Left my marketing gig. Signed up to do an intensive yoga program and started making my own skin concoctions in between having anxiety attacks and downward dogs.

I got heavily into the vegan, whole food world and my once unhealthy fascination with food became very health oriented. Foods like the humble avocado began replacing my cravings for sugar, alcohol and dairy. I started cooking for people on the side to help them heal too. It didn’t happen overnight, but combined with more therapy than anyone would ever want, I started to feel and look better too.

My yoga and mindful meditation practice helped me connect with my body and I found that I had an undiscovered gift for nurturing others. Recipe development came naturally which lent itself to making products like healing oils, ayurvedic creams for redness and calming mists for anxiety. Soon enough I had women knocking at my door to teach them about the sacred act of restorative yoga and self-care.

It was gratifying to see so many friends and clients embracing their health and well-being, changing their diet and lifestyle but generally speaking, they were all clinging to their big brand beauty products despite the fact that they knew they should be using products with cleaner, more nourishing ingredient lists.

Slowly but surely, this community of women who loved coming to my self-care yoga classes also started to ask to buy my skincare products for home use. I loved that they affectionately likened my creams to being comparable to a 'salad for your skin'. 

It took a few years to grow but I now have a 5 person team and my insurance agent is happy to that we no longer produce in my home kitchen but rather have partnered with a small batch lab. 

Leveraging the power of superfoods, we bting a whole new level of efficacy and elegance to natural skincare; actively serving the needs of today’s ‘mindful' beauty customer. Not your typical green beauty brand, our extraordinary ingredients and performance based formulas resonate with the growing trend of consumers making better lifestyle choices. I believe that our mindfully made, ‘conscious’ products impact not just the appearance of our skin, but our planet, health and wellbeing. 

We make conscious, cult worthy, ‘ingredient driven’ products, offering luxurious face, body, hair care and lifestyle choices,that stand up against their mainstream peers. More than that, 'Graydon' is supported by an active community of engaged, inspired customers in the ever - evolving conscious and 'mindful' beauty and lifestyle movement.

March 2018 - "Paris Brings La Vie En Rose!"

Whether they were carried by perfumers, at a pharmacy, in a supermarket, or in organic specialty stores, the selected products caused Sylvia to develop various cutaneous reactions : Inflamed skin, Redness, Blemishes, Eczema

She started to scrutinize the formulas of each product that she has at home, investigated their components and the effects they have on skin.

While making her discoveries, Sylvia stops using the cosmetic products called
“conventional” and turns to products called “organic”, particularly because they do not contain silicon or mineral oils which proved to be very comedogenic.

Even so, Sylvia notices that it is not easy to find products that suit her. She is disappointed by the odor and texture of the products and continues to develop cutaneous reactions due in part to the significant presence of alcohol or essential oils.

Frustrated and having lost all confidence in cosmetics, including natural and organic ones,
Sylvia begins to create her own skincare products at home.

The formulas are short and entirely active, developed with raw, unrefined ingredients. 

They distinguish themselves with their pleasant, penetrating and delicately perfumed textures. These textures are combined with extremely gentle, powerful ingredients selected for their tolerability and their remarkable affinity with skin. These active ingredients, obtained through patented procedures, are results of cutting edge research in eco extraction.

Each ingredient is the target of a rigorous selection process, so as to keep only the highest quality.

All products are Organic certified, Cruelty free certified by PETA and Made in France !

February 2018 - "Giving You Beauty From The Brand That Gives Back"

Inspired by nature’s most time-honoured, visibly proven botanical ingredients, Luxe Botanics reflects the passionate pursuit of South African biotechnologist, Jené Roestorf, and her belief in the remarkable intersection between science and nature. 

Raised in South Africa, surrounded by some of the earth’s most distinct and diverse ecosystems, Jené has a deep comprehension of nature’s healing abilities and is guided by her philosophy of allowing nature to nurture. After a decade working on international clinical trials, Jené blends her African roots, scientific proficiency and passion for socially conscious innovation to create the definitive 'Mindful Skincare Ritual'.

For Luxe Botanics she has meticulously researched the most potent, skin-transforming active botanicals, centering elixirs on three overachieving multitaskers – Marula nut oil from Kenya, Camu camu berry extract from Brazil, and Kigelia africana fruit extract from Malawi. She has focused on sourcing only the highest grade, nutrient dense, organic and wild harvested core botanicals through fair-trade alliances to support local communities while safeguarding the environment. 

Each Luxe Botanics elixir is formulated to precision with high concentrations of unique core botanicals, which are enhanced by sustainable, true-to-nature ingredients. The culmination is an intelligent curation of exclusive formulas that deeply nourish and care for skin while instilling wellness as part of a daily beauty ritual.

For the wellness conscious women who choose to allow their skin to thrive naturally, our vision is to empower them with the ultimate Mindful Skincare Ritual - a luxurious and effective botanical line that enriches both skin health, nature and the community.

When you purchase a Camu product a nursery school child in Ethiopia will receive a nutritious meal.

You will help New Ways to provide a nutritious meal to an Ethiopian nursery school child for one day. What a child eats today will have a lasting impact on his or her physical and mental health, helping them to feel good about themselves, do well academically at school and grow into healthy adults.

Box Retail Value: $117

January 2018 - "Say Aloha to a New Year and Better Skin"

Kapua Browning founded Honua Hawaiian Skincare in 2015, when the demand for her Hawaiian crafted products grew beyond her treatment room. Born and raised on Oahu as an avid surfer and beach bum, Browning began to notice sun damage and pigmentation in her own complexion as early as her 20’s. In an attempt to take care of her skin, she became passionate about beauty and began to train in aesthetics and learn about traditional Hawaiian healing and medicinal herbs. After a decade of experience as a licensed esthetician, Browning began the building blocks for her own hand-crafted skincare collection, Honua Skincare. 

The creation of Honua allowed Browning to share her love for Hawaiian culture, botanicals and aesthetics with the world. She places the highest value on the traditional ideologies of Hawaiian ancestry and aims to put “aloha” or love and compassion into everything Honua. Her wish is for people around the world to enjoy Honua’s natural products, take care in skin rituals and pass along the aloha spirit to the next person. 

Honua Skincare’s developed four-part ritual offers a beautiful, glowing, vibrant complexion with the Pa’akai Cleansing Cream, Hawaiian Beauty Water, ALOHA Youth Serum and ‘Olena Oil. For men, Honua offers the Na Kane Men’s All-In-One Facial Care. From concept to creation, brainstorm to bottle, every product worthy of the Honua Skincare name comes to life under the watchful eye of Kapua Browning.

Box Retail Value: $96

December 2017 - “Los Angeles, Where Skincare Becomes Self-care”

SkinOwl's sole mission is to educate you about your skin & deliver the best products, so that skin "care" can be the catalyst to caring about every genuinely important facet of your life. Vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% non-toxic, SkinOwl is simple, results driven skincare intended for life’s simplest of moments.

Founder, Annie, struggled for years with skin issues and after countless visits to dermatologists and tons of money thrown into skincare products, she was left with minimal positive results. Annie realized she was just like millions of other women who had nowhere to turn. There were a lot of salespeople saying, "This will REALLY work," and selling her a lot of products that, in the end, did nothing to help her severe acne and eczema. What was it going to take?

It was then that Annie realized her results were in the INGREDIENTS of the products she was using vs. what was being marketed. While working on commercial and music video sets as a professional makeup artist, as well as for a top luxury brand, she enrolled in a post-graduate program at UCLA & received a certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry.

From there, Annie learned the truth about what is truly best for the skin, and more importantly, what works and stays working. From this knowledge came SkinOwl, a skincare company that allowed women to FEEL as good as they looked. The products smelled good, felt good when their clients put them on, and left them glowing inside and out due to their fast-acting results. In creating SkinOwl, Annie knew she wanted to achieve three main goals:

  • To see results overnight.
  • Provide more than just skin care, but deliver a core component of total self-care too.
  • For women to feel like they had a safe haven to ask questions and receive quality advice about their skin in what can often be seen as a confusing industry.

Annie found that when she made the choice to care for herself on a small level, it opened the door to more impactful and authentic decisions & transformations. From this, came SkinOwl’s tagline, “Where Skincare Becomes Self-care.”

Total Retail Value: $113

November 2017 - "Your Jetsetter Collection To Travel Around The World"

NIU BODY was founded in March of 2017 by two boss babes (and BFFs) Connie Lo and Laura Burget. The motivation behind the company was a realization that most other natural/organic product lines boast premium pricing and an air of “better-than” that isn’t exactly welcoming. NIU BODY aspires to be an approachable option without the fancy fluff, at affordable prices so all babes can enjoy everything green beauty has to offer.  Being avid natural skin care enthusiasts and makeup users, they were especially frustrated with the saturation of harsh synthetic makeup removers in the market. In their quest to find the best natural solution, they turned to coconut oil, a beauty favorite for their initial makeup remover product line. From there, they expanded to include not only coconut oil, but also Earth's other wonderful natural ingredients in our products.

All of NIU BODY's products are truly natural, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, organic and made with love in small batches with ingredients from Mexico, Malaysia, Morocco, Isreal, Italy and Canada. They source the finest ingredients from around the globe, formulating only with the purest and most effective ingredients. They believe skin care should not be one-size-fits-all, and use unique botanical blends with catered benefits for every babe's different skin type or concern in mind. Beautiful skin doesn't have to be complicated.

October 2017 - "The Miracle Tree In Ghana"

When co-founders Kwami and Emily first traveled to Ghana in 2012, they were struck by the incredible potential of the moringa tree. Known locally as the miracle tree for it's nutritional benefits (the leaves contain more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, and more protein than yogurt, gram for gram), moringa was planted by NGOs throughout West Africa to prevent malnutrition. However, farmers had limited resources to care for and cultivate these trees, and without a connection to a global market, there was no way for farmers to grow moringa beyond the household scale and break the cycle of poverty. 

So Kwami and Emily took the unused part of the tree - the seeds - back to their labs at MIT where they figured out how to cold-press them into a deeply moisturizing, anti-aging beauty oil that outperforms argan, jojoba, and coconut. Today, they manage the first vertically integrated supply chain for moringa, connecting 2500 small farming families to conscious consumers like you by providing tools and training to their farmers to kickstart their moringa farms, purchasing seeds from farmers at a fair price, and cold-pressing their oils locally in Ghana, in a processing center they designed and built by hand. This year, they will plant one million moringa trees to combat malnutrition and deforestation, launching Africa's largest certified organic moringa farm

September 2017 - "Unrivaled Wild Beauty In The Pacific Northwest"

At HANA Organic Skincare, they offer products for just about every skin type, and they make sure that each one is as clean and pure as your face deserves. HANA believes in using only the finest organic/biodynamic ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. Each product is handcrafted with only good intentions for your radiant health and well-being.

There is no comfort in reading a list of chemicals when you look at your personal care ingredients. Most commercial skincare products contain highly toxic and irritating ingredients. Those ingredients are absorbed into your skin, and often cause allergic reactions and other skin sensitivities.

For exactly those reasons, Karen Ries created HANA Organic Skincare in 2011. The products are handmade In the Pacific Northwest, in small batches, to assure freshness and well-monitored quality control. As a person with dry and sensitive skin (and a daughter with oily skin), it was important to develop an effective, yet very gentle skin care solution not only for herself, but for others that struggled with skin sensitivities.

After becoming a certified herbalist, Karen turned the family kitchen into an organic skincare laboratory, using the medicinal herbs from her small garden. Eventually, the art and science of skin care came together, she moved to her studio, and HANA Organic Skincare was born (named after Karen’s daughter, Hana).

Total Retail Value: $92

August 2017 - "Let The Sea Set You Free"

OSEA Founder, Jenefer Palmer began her career in the healing arts by studying and becoming practiced in cranial therapy, acupressure and shiatsu. OSEA started out as a more of a kitchen sink than a kitchen table business, as Jenefer began experimenting with skincare formulations in her kitchen sink. She became fluent in the basics of cosmetic chemistry by trial and error, later refining her most successful formulas with the help of cosmetic chemists. However, it was not until a business trip to Buenos Aires that Jenefer would discover the key ingredient upon which her skincare line was to be founded.

She traced the algae, of the Gigartina species, to the coast of Patagonia, a region so far down the South American continent that they call it “El Fin del Mundo”--the end of the world. There, she was guided along the desolate beaches and pristine coastal waters of Patagonia by a local family who showed her how to harvest the Gigartina which was soon to become the key ingredient of her skincare formulations. Throughout OSEA’s evolution, Jenefer has ensured that the brand stays true to its initial commitment: to provide the highest quality, ecologically-responsible natural skincare to ingredient-conscious consumers. Never forgetting the source, Jenefer and OSEA support ocean preservation, Heal the Bay and works with a local partner in Argentina to ensure eco-responsible harvesting of their seaweed.

August Box Total Retail Value: $96

July 2017 - "From the Nile River to Uganda, LXMI Transforms Your Skin, Our Planet And The People For The Better"

LXMI, pronounced luxe-me, is committed to three distinct brand tenets:

• Pure, rare ingredients from unique terroir

• Going beyond charity to provide work for women, and

• Natural and organic botanicals, often safe-enough-to-eat

Leila Janah founded LXMI after a chance discovery of Nilotica, LXMI's signature ingredient, at a market in Uganda. She was astounded by the rare butter's ability to transform her moisture-deprived, overly-traveled skin from lackluster to luminous. Once she learned that she could help marginalized East African women find dignified work through the wild harvesting, production and exportation of Nilotica, she knew she had to change her life to share her new skincare secret with the world.

But she didn't stop there. She went the extra mile(s) to source Nilotica Reserve™, now LXMI's exclusive form of the butter, from the highest grade nuts in the most pristine areas of the Nile River Valley. Nilotica Reserve's characteristics are sky-high essential fatty acids (+25% that of traditional Shea Butter), natural vitamin crystals that dissolve on skin, and impact sourcing techniques to ensure that LXMI producers are always paid living wages for their efforts.

LXMI’s primary ingredient harvests enable their producers to earn at least 3x local wages.

They’ve built our supply chain carefully via non-profit collectives. They believe that fair-wage, dignified work elevates the end product, creating a higher level of luxury for discerning consumers.

In fact, they promise that for each of our primary ingredient harvests, the producers earn at least 3x the local average wage. These living wages will help chip away at some of the world’s most serious problems, from childhood malnutrition to human trafficking. Let's transform our skin, our planet and people for the better.

LXMI is named after the founder's favorite Hindu goddess, whose four hands are thought to represent prosperity, liberation, morality, and love – two giving hands and two receiving hands.

The brand seal represents this concept of giving and receiving. In other words, giving back isn’t an afterthought; it is at the core of LXMI's DNA. In fact, it’s the reason for being.

June 2017 - "Inspired By Mountains, Rivers and High Deserts, Washington Brings You Kani Botanical Beauty"

Kani started out as a labor of love and as a simple solution for Stephanie’s struggles with sensitive skin. After years of fighting terrible acne and allergic skin reactions to everything from laundry detergent to lotions, she became heavily interested in more holistic and natural methods of treating her skin. Stephanie began to learn about integrative herbology, holistic nutrition and cosmetic chemistry. She also finally began paying attention to her Colombian mother and aunts who were always telling her to try oils from fruits and plants that she had never heard of. She went from that girl who spent hundreds of dollars a month on “designer” skincare treatments to one who would spend night after night in the kitchen experimenting, as well as walking into stores spending most of the time reading ingredient lists and shaking her head.

The real turning point that changed her hobby into the adventure it is today was after traveling some years back to Finland and Sweden. Stephanie was really inspired by how they protected and nurtured their skin in extreme weather conditions and by their cultural use of saunas. It was then that she realized her Colombian heritage was very similar to ones she had seen traveling, in that the people that inhabited these harsh areas took care of their skin with use of the similar natural ingredients; As a result, they had amazing skin. After much tinkering, sleepless nights, and with the help of her family, friends and my amazing boyfriend, Stephanie developed Kani.

She was tired of seeing overpriced products, whose first ingredients were alcohol or water and were followed by a list of sulfates, parabens and pthalates. These products are made overseas with an insane carbon footprint, and are also products from companies that don’t care about anything but profits and are made in factories where the workers are treated like animals and animals are treated even less. Kani will never be that. They will always be the opposite of that; A handmade product made from the best local, organic, fair-trade and vegan ingredients.

Why Kani? Stephanie’s childhood nickname was ‘Rabbit’ because her two front teeth came in before the rest. Kani means rabbit in Finnish, and the namesake will always be her favorite animal.

May 2017 - "Drench Your Skin in the California Sun With Honey Belle Organics”

In 2013, Dr. Hou began to develop skin irritations and allergies from commercial department store brands. She began making homemade remedieswith her knowledge about herbs, for herself, her patients, and her daughter who at the time suddenly developed psoriasis. Iris became inspired by her new-found knowledge and awareness of what she was putting onto her skin. 

"I suddenly became so aware of what I was putting onto my skin after I got psoriasis. I realized as a broke college student, I couldn't afford anything considered 'healthy' in the market. So I started studying ingredients, and I made homemade recipes to replace each and every one of my beauty products. And I fell in love.. I couldn't wait to share them with everyone around me!"

Iris created an alias on Instagram named “Honey Belle” for ‘natural beauty.’ She started posting her products on there, and people started contacting her about purchasing them. She sold it, not thinking anything of it at first. Then, more and more people began to make orders, and that’s when Calvin her boyfriend came to help- helping Iris on his days off from work.

"It wasn't until people who were willing to try my products out on Instagram, started emailing us saying: 'Honey Belle is changing my life', 'I feel like I can use less make-up now', 'I feel so much more confident in my own skin', that I turned to Calvin and said ‘Let’s do this, let’s just help people with their skin!' 

So they quit their full-time jobs, and started chasing this passion to make a difference in other people's lives.

"My vision in making my products price-conscious is to have natural + organic products more accessible to everyone, since I wasn't able to afford them. I can easily mark up my products and make billions, but that's not my focus. I'd rather give back. We’ve donated to hundreds of people, and to countries such as Guatemala, Vietnam, Honduras, and Burma to name a few, as well as local homeless shelters in Los Angeles. Giving back is so important, and it's something that fulfills me."

April 2017 - "Vancouver Brings You Nature and Beauty From Delia Organics”

Founder, Alicia, spent 10 years researching, designing and planning Delia Organics and their ingredients so she can help you achieve amazing healthy skin without changing how beautiful you already are. With 10+ years in the skincare industry, she is a Licensed Aesthetician and is the Founder and Editor of The Beauty Geek where she has focused on bringing and discussing treatments, skincare and wellness all in one place. She believes in the ease of a routine as well as results which made the most sense when Delia Organics was born. 

Founded in 2016 Delia Organics was created to not only to enhance your natural beauty but also to get your skin to the highest form of health it can be. Formulated with all the correct ingredients, you can be sure you will see results within your first time experiencing Delia Organics. 

They care about the health and wellness of every individual and they created Delia Organics to help with all different skin concerns. With the latest technology and advancements in the skincare industry, they have made a simple,yet effective brand. With natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients, they know you won’t be disappointed. 

March 2017 - “A mãe natureza lhe traz a Beleza do Brazil”

In Portuguese, “Teadora” means adore you. At Teadora Beauty, they show their love for the world with natural and organic products made with novel rainforest ingredients. Their products let you experience the bounty and magic of the Amazon, while helping to improve the lives of the communities where they live.

Founded by Valeria Cole, who was born and raised in Brazil, she was inspired by her mother - who cared for her skin and hair with natural remedies. And by her grandmother, who taught her the importance of social responsibility. Teadora helps to fund a philanthropic exchange between the US and Brazil to promote rainforest conservation, education and leadership development.

Valeria’s deepest hope is that Teadora is able to share a little bit of this amazing country with you, and in turn give back to both Brazil and the rest of this amazing world we live in. We hope you love your products - and that you always love yourself, find your joy and share your passion!

Total Retail Value: $107

February 2017 - “The Healing Powers of Nature in Finland”

Red Flower is a New York City based skincare brand that sources their ingredients from Finland. It is a natural lifestyle company, known for creating botanical beauty that transforms simple moments into deeply therapeutic experiences through the power of aromatherapy, rich textures and the finest potent, pure certified organic and all-natural ingredients and formulations. Red Flower practices sustainable sourcing direct from farmers and produces in micro-batches at a privately owned facility to ensure freshness and the highest quality. 

With exuberant, multi-sensory benefits and a focus on environmental responsibility, each red flower product is designed to reconnect one to nature and to be a source of health, empowered beauty and  connectedness. From the rich heritage of its three global bath-house inspired treatments to the delicate, ephemeral petals on every candle,  red flower is intensely luxurious and generously healing. 

Red Flower nature is the ultimate rush of wellness to the face and body with powerfully restorative and concentrated ingredients from Finland, like healing arctic white peat and phyto-powered cloudberries to illuminate and renew.

Total Retail Value: $107

January 2017 - “Your Pathway to Purity in the Tibetan Plateau”

After falling into some unexpected health issues, Akar Skin Founder, Kate Chen decided it was time for her to do a complete 180 in her life, from leaving her high-stress job to becoming very aware of all the nutrients or harsh chemicals she was putting on or in her body. This led to the birth of Kate’s own skincare line, Akar Skin! When getting started, Kate knew she wanted to create healthy, all natural and clean products free of unnecessary chemicals that damage skin overtime. It wasn’t until Kate took a trip to the Tibetan Plateau that she felt truly inspired. With the Tibetan Plateau’s high altitudes, it is completely free from pollution and is considered to be the 3rd cleanest location on earth, after the North & South poles. 

Akar Means “White Crystal” in Tibetan. 

Kate decided to base the skincare lines' name off of the white crystal because it is a symbol for purity; following her desire to create potent products that are pure and 100% natural for Akar Skin. Akar sources the highest-grade natural ingredients; all organic, wild harvested or gathered from the Tibetan plateau to ensure ingredient efficacy and limits ingredient exposure to pesticides and toxins from both farming and harvesting. Customers will never find mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or colorants, sulfates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, PEGs, PPGs, DEA, TEA, phthalates, GMO ingredients or artificial preservatives in any of Akar’s products. 

Akar Skin is on a mission! A mission to restore the beauty industry with 100% natural & effective skincare you can TRUST! Akar believes in beauty without compromise, meaning you can use natural skincare products without lack of effectiveness.

Total Retail Value: $154

December 2016 - "Moisturize The Melbourne Way"

Mettā Skincare’s founder Anca Grigoras has always followed her lifelong passion for healthy living. Growing up in a family with a strong organic farming tradition and watching her father integrate elements of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture into his Western medicine practice, Anca learned from a very young age about the benefits of living in harmony with nature and using ancient wisdom, traditional healing techniques and natural remedies.

In 2008 Anca’s career in occupational health and safety led to a project aimed at reducing chemical exposure at work. While researching this she became increasingly concerned to learn that for most of us contact with many harmful chemicals happens in our own homes on a regular basis. Skincare and personal hygiene products are the main reason why people use on average 100 chemicals on their skin daily.

Mettā Skincare was created to help people make healthy decisions about their skincare routine. Anca developed the range following extensive research into safe ingredients, experimenting with oils traditionally used for nourishing the skin and studying under the guidance of world leading natural and holistic skincare formulators. 

Total Retail Value: $103 AUD (~$90 USD)