December 2016 - "Moisturize The Melbourne Way"

Mettā Skincare’s founder Anca Grigoras has always followed her lifelong passion for healthy living. Growing up in a family with a strong organic farming tradition and watching her father integrate elements of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture into his Western medicine practice, Anca learned from a very young age about the benefits of living in harmony with nature and using ancient wisdom, traditional healing techniques and natural remedies.

In 2008 Anca’s career in occupational health and safety led to a project aimed at reducing chemical exposure at work. While researching this she became increasingly concerned to learn that for most of us contact with many harmful chemicals happens in our own homes on a regular basis. Skincare and personal hygiene products are the main reason why people use on average 100 chemicals on their skin daily.

Mettā Skincare was created to help people make healthy decisions about their skincare routine. Anca developed the range following extensive research into safe ingredients, experimenting with oils traditionally used for nourishing the skin and studying under the guidance of world leading natural and holistic skincare formulators. 

Total Retail Value: $103 AUD (~$90 USD)