MAY BOX "Your Greek Goddess Awaits"

The Mediterranean…  An endless palette of colors and scents, dominated by the olive tree’s silver green and the sea’s infinite blue. In ODEIA eco cosmetics we are always here to take you on a journey* to the wonderful world of the Mediterranean and teach you how to dream naturally. In ODEIA you can discover secrets of beauty and wellness created by the sun and sea. 

A basic raw material during the liquid phase of ODEIA’s products is the organic lemon and orange hydrosol. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that support and enhance the skin’s natural functions. Combined with many and valuable natural substances, taken from carefully selected medicinal herbs, wildflowers, plants and fruits of the Greek Nature, we produce innovative, natural cosmetics without toxic substances. The vision of team ODEIA is to give people around the world, a chance to try out the natural, efficient and safe ODEIA cosmetics. Products that enhance their natural beauty while safeguard their health. That we have contributed to the creation of a safer, cleaner world without synthetic, toxic substances, securing the survival of the generations to come.

*ODEIA (greek) Οδεία: journey, way, course

Total Retail Value: $102