July Box "Happy Birthday America"

Jiya, in Sanskrit, is the part of the soul that gives life vitality. It's the essence of life; the place in your heart where joy comes from. Jiya Beauty founder, Aarti Gala, had this in mind when she created her collection of pure, organic skincare oils. 

Initially she was inspired by memories from her childhood, when her mother would massage Ayurvedic hair oils into her hair every week. The cherished moments, happy silence and fragrance of the oils sparked a desire in Aarti to create a beauty collection that not only used natural, nutrient-rich formulations but also transformed beauty into a ritual for the mind. Why, she thought, should my beauty routine give me more anxiety, add more to my to-do list? Instead, she sought to create beauty products that were an experience for the mind as well as a (re)treat for the body. 

Oils have been used in the beauty routines of many ancient civilizations from the ancient Greeks using olive oil to protect skin from the sun to the Ayurvedic tradition of Abhyanga, where self-massage with oil is a form of meditation. Jiya Beauty combines the power of natural oils with a commitment to environmental sustainability and a clean, less-is-more approach to beauty. 

The philosophy behind the collection, which is made in small batches in Washington, DC, is more than the toxin-free formulations. Each creation is a return to that peaceful place our modern lifestyles often cause us to forget. This July's Pearlesque box is an exclusive invitation from Aarti. 

Total Retail Value: $96