September 2016 Box - “Fall In Love With The Beauty In Liguria, Italy”

While studying the mechanisms that regulate aging in human cells, molecular geneticist Dr. Andrea Alimonti developed a screening method to detect the anti-aging properties in natural ingredients. Dr. Alimonti screened thousands of natural substances for anti-aging properties and identified a handful of “Natural Inhibitors of Senescence” (NIS): natural substances with the potential of slowing the aging of human cells. Tested on human cell lines, these substances prolong cellular life and slow aging by regulating genes that rejuvenate cells and inhibiting cellular senescence. The most active NIS is the extractfrom one of the over 900 species of sage: salvia haenkei.

In 2014, Dr. Alimonti, Mary Ahernand and a group of doctors launched Bottega Organica, a revolutionary line of 100% organic, all-natural skincare products with proven anti-aging activity.

In keeping with a strong commitment to natural ingredients, Bottega Organica tends to several hectares of fertile, uncontaminated land in the coastal regions of Liguria, Italy and in the pristine Spencertown Hills of Columbia County, New York. Here herbs and fruits with anti-aging properties grow wild and are harvested naturally without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Total Retail Value: $128