August 2018 - "Forage for Borage In Portland"

The heart of Live Botanical is the intense desire to connect more with Mother Nature and share her beauty and wisdom with others.  The owner and formulator, Carolyn McRory is practicing herbalist with over 20 years of study.  Live Botanical is her life's work coming to fruition.  A journey to create something meaningful and thoughtful.  Starting In 2016 she set out to develop skin care rooted in balance and harmony, to enhance what makes us all uniquely beautiful.

Her particular area of expertise is gentle, soothing formulations that focus on modulating inflammation in the skin rather than mask or suppress it which can cause long term damage.  Embracing natural responses to aging by focusing on nourishing, rich plant based vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to maintain a healthy and vibrant complexion.  Carolyn’s background beyond plant medicine is a long career in science, math and technology.  These collective experiences create insight to optimize traditional preparations with sprinkling of modern ingredients to improve efficacy.

The Live Botanical mantra is: Beautiful. Pure. Responsible. Simple.

Beautiful: With vivid botanical imagery and herbal preparations designed for self-care, the hope is people are reminded everyday of the beauty in the world and more importantly the beauty that lives within them.

Pure: Plant based ingredient lists that are familiar and uncomplicated allowing the pureness of the botanicals to shine.  Majority of the herbs Live Botanical procures come from local farms which are delivered fresh and processed within their studio.  This ensures maximum potency in infusions and extractions.  Some of the plants are also wild harvested or grown by the owner herself.

Responsible: Both environmental and social responsibility are value statements Live Botanical holds dear.  In addition to being mostly organic, gmo-free and fair-trade; they work with majority abundant ingredients.  This additional layer helps with larger preservation efforts and sustainability.  

Simple: By maintaining a low overhead and embodying modest or simple living, Live Botanical takes immense pride in providing luxurious, vibrant skin care at an accessible price.