October 2018 - "EIR NYC Gives Us Beauty and Healing From The Big Apple"

Jun Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to Chile when she was seven and then onto NY. The movement between these cultures gave Jun an incredible world view from a young age.

Jun, a former art curator and extreme athlete, now an avid surfer and samba dancer, began studying green medicine in 2013 while recovering from sports injuries to deal with pain management and boost the benefits of physical therapy naturally.

After her first product, Surf Mud, became a fast favorite amongst the Montauk surfing community, Jun began incorporating the principles of herbal healing into her growing cornucopia of natural, functional skincare products.

Eir is a natural, clean, unisex skincare line for people with active lifestyles. Made of high quality, therapeutic blends of premium, wild-crafted herbs, and essential oils, Eir products are designed to speed internal healing while providing the external benefits of softening, cleansing, and repairing the skin.

Named after the Norse goddess of healing, Eir is produced locally in Brooklyn and sold at exclusive boutiques, premium department stores, and surf shops in select countries worldwide.