February 2018 - "Giving You Beauty From The Brand That Gives Back"

Inspired by nature’s most time-honoured, visibly proven botanical ingredients, Luxe Botanics reflects the passionate pursuit of South African biotechnologist, Jené Roestorf, and her belief in the remarkable intersection between science and nature. 

Raised in South Africa, surrounded by some of the earth’s most distinct and diverse ecosystems, Jené has a deep comprehension of nature’s healing abilities and is guided by her philosophy of allowing nature to nurture. After a decade working on international clinical trials, Jené blends her African roots, scientific proficiency and passion for socially conscious innovation to create the definitive 'Mindful Skincare Ritual'.

For Luxe Botanics she has meticulously researched the most potent, skin-transforming active botanicals, centering elixirs on three overachieving multitaskers – Marula nut oil from Kenya, Camu camu berry extract from Brazil, and Kigelia africana fruit extract from Malawi. She has focused on sourcing only the highest grade, nutrient dense, organic and wild harvested core botanicals through fair-trade alliances to support local communities while safeguarding the environment. 

Each Luxe Botanics elixir is formulated to precision with high concentrations of unique core botanicals, which are enhanced by sustainable, true-to-nature ingredients. The culmination is an intelligent curation of exclusive formulas that deeply nourish and care for skin while instilling wellness as part of a daily beauty ritual.

For the wellness conscious women who choose to allow their skin to thrive naturally, our vision is to empower them with the ultimate Mindful Skincare Ritual - a luxurious and effective botanical line that enriches both skin health, nature and the community.

When you purchase a Camu product a nursery school child in Ethiopia will receive a nutritious meal.

You will help New Ways to provide a nutritious meal to an Ethiopian nursery school child for one day. What a child eats today will have a lasting impact on his or her physical and mental health, helping them to feel good about themselves, do well academically at school and grow into healthy adults.

Box Retail Value: $117