March 2018 - "Paris Brings La Vie En Rose!"

Whether they were carried by perfumers, at a pharmacy, in a supermarket, or in organic specialty stores, the selected products caused Sylvia to develop various cutaneous reactions : Inflamed skin, Redness, Blemishes, Eczema

She started to scrutinize the formulas of each product that she has at home, investigated their components and the effects they have on skin.

While making her discoveries, Sylvia stops using the cosmetic products called
“conventional” and turns to products called “organic”, particularly because they do not contain silicon or mineral oils which proved to be very comedogenic.

Even so, Sylvia notices that it is not easy to find products that suit her. She is disappointed by the odor and texture of the products and continues to develop cutaneous reactions due in part to the significant presence of alcohol or essential oils.

Frustrated and having lost all confidence in cosmetics, including natural and organic ones,
Sylvia begins to create her own skincare products at home.

The formulas are short and entirely active, developed with raw, unrefined ingredients. 

They distinguish themselves with their pleasant, penetrating and delicately perfumed textures. These textures are combined with extremely gentle, powerful ingredients selected for their tolerability and their remarkable affinity with skin. These active ingredients, obtained through patented procedures, are results of cutting edge research in eco extraction.

Each ingredient is the target of a rigorous selection process, so as to keep only the highest quality.

All products are Organic certified, Cruelty free certified by PETA and Made in France !