July 2018 - "Let Your Beauty Bloom In Morocco"

Sahara Rose was inspired by beauty rituals from two places; the first is my dear grandmother – Rahma— a truly remarkable graceful woman. She played a significant role in teaching me about the art of beauty and self care, the ancient secret concoctions, and the importance of using only the most precious ingredients, picked freshly from the source.  She also taught me the importance to gracefully pause for sacred rituals to celebrate your True beauty.  Self love is being and loving yourself simply, Self care is taking care of yourself, and self respect is knowing your self worth, while generously sharing and giving back with sincerity and gratitude.

The second inspiration was my moroccan heritage and the bounty of the Sahara Desert.  From fresh pressed oils, to exotic clays and aromatic scents of saffron, rose, and orange blossom.  The abundance of natural ingredients in the environment I grew up in had a huge effect on the products I would go on to create.

From Florida where I live, my goal became to share this wealth of beauty, grace and self love. The resilient rose that grows at the gates of the Sahara Desert, inspired me to name the brand SAHARA ROSE.  Just as the Rose emerges and blossoms from the desert, despite the rough climate, it also represents purity, strength, grace, light, love and compassion towards body and soul. The Rose may appear fragile on the surface, but it is flexible and strong, securely anchored under the surface of the earth.

Our brand celebrates the Sahara Rose in each of us- our ability to bloom despite hardships, find courage at times of challenge, to achieve our ambitions without compromising our values, and to find happiness and joy in simply being authentically our true selves.

My grandmother is the most generous woman I’ve ever known- and I hope to make her proud with a brand that celebrates her true art of graceful beauty.

Experience our unique beauty and skin luxuries, made with the most opulent and Age-Defying ingredients.  Embark in the extraordinary voyage to a glamorous skin.

Total Retail Value: $123